Use TLD for WordPress Multisites, what kind of server is required?

Hey there,

I wanna host the websites of my customers on a Webspace/Server, but the websites for the customers should be only usable with the TLD they register for the hosting. Also what are your experience for the server requirements for about 5-10 sites, is a v-server enough or would you prefer a root-server. Is there a documentation for the multisites which you would recommend?

Also I wanna use payed plugins and templates for one customer only, is there a way that I can activate rights for the customers seperate? Example:

Customer A have a payed theme, only he can see it!

Customer B is a newbee, he only can see themes/plugins I installed for him and can´t install other themes/plugins.

Customer C ist a pro, he can install anything he want.

Thanks for your help :wink:

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