User Levels of Control for Membership Plugin

I may be missing something here, but it looks to me as if there is only one level of membership for the Membership plugin. You are either a Membership Admin or you are not.

This is a problem.

Just as there are multiple levels of access and control in regular WordPress – and with good reason – IMHO there needs to be a similar thing for the Membership plugin itself.

I my particular case, I’ve got some “assistant Admins” who would like to have and should have some Membership Admin capabilities. For instance, the ability to Split forum Topics into new ones when they wander off into different territory.

Unfortunately, the only way I could give my assistants the ability to do that would be to open up everything to them – which I DON’T want to do, for many good reasons.

So am I missing something here, are is the Membership plugin missing it?

Please advise,