User Sync Errors – Roles Not Syncing & internal multisite not syning


I’m have 2 issues with the user sync plugin.

1. First I set up a master site and synced the users to a subsite in a wp multiuser setup. The users were transferred successfully but the roles from the master site d0 not sync. This was just to import the old users to my new multisite. They are all subscribers but I need the role functionality for issue #2

2. In my new multisite I setup one subsite as the master and an additional one to sync to that master. The 50 users of the master site were not synced but a couple test users of the main multisite install synced into the “slave” subsite.

In both the above cases I received a Sync Error when activation the “slave” site.

Here’s what I’m looking for. I have one subsite that is running civicrm that creates users and adjusts their custom roles based on membership data entered into civicrm. A second subsite is a library of course materials that are accessible at different levels based on the roles.


1. Custom roles are not setup at this point, i’m just trying to debug this with generic subscriber roles

2. I’m running the setup like this as civicrm is complex and runs into problems with themes/plugins. The civicrm subsite is as vanilla as possible.

3. I want it setup as a multisite so that cookies are maintain across the subsites.

I’m imagining you will need to take a look at my admin panels :slight_smile: