Using Directory Plugin With My Own Theme Framework (Headway)

I just joined WPMU dev and was pretty excited to add a business directory to my website, only to realise it’s not very simple to add the directory to a different theme :slight_frown:

I have a couple of questions i was hoping you can help with:

1. should i use the old plugin and make all customisation there, or wait till a stable version of the beta is released. Will it be possible to simply update the old version to the new one, or is it like a completely different plugin?

2. i’m not a developer and dont want to hire one to enable usage of the plugin with my own theme framework (headway). So is there any place I can get an easy, step-by-step tutorial to do this. the instructions i’ve seen on the forums so far are too general for me to understand :slight_smile:

thanks very much!