Using Membership and Buddy Press, need help customizing registration page.

With all the plugins out there, it can get a little crazy.. I’m trying to customize the profile/account page but I’m not finding a lot of built in options. Buddypress allows me to create multiple forms which is great! I need those. They all function just fine. However, the appearance is definitely not appealing. It shows all the forms in one long row and the buttons often times don’t line up with the questions or answers associated to them. I found a plug in for BP that create tabs for the forms on the profile page. It does not work and my only thought is that it does not work with membership. beyond the layout I’d like to have more customization with the page. What are your thoughts? The sites still being worked on but if you wanted to create a mock account to test out this issue, go ahead! you would have to manually go to the “/account” page after registering as I have not gotten as far as incorporating onsite access. (it’s a temp domain for my company so I don’t have to shut down the current site)