Using mu-plugins and default blog versions

Hi there!

We are trying to create a platform for Online Stores, using WP MU + Pro Sites + WooCommerce.

At this point, we were trying to use Adminimize + Admin Menu Editor in order to fully customize the Menu for Store Managers. We were planning to use the /mu-plugins/ folders, but apparently these plugins are not compatible with mu-plugins system.

The idea was to create a default store, this way new users would have this default installation automatically installed. We were also pretending to use this “default installation” for the default settings of WooCommerce (instead of doing the whole startup wizard).

Also, from what we’ve read, these plugins in mu-plugins folder would also be hidden and couldn’t be removed.

Our question is: How can we do something similar to this? Is there any plugin we can use in order to auto-install a default store all configured by us previously?

Looking forward to hear from you guys :slight_smile: