Utterly Frustrated w/ Directory Plugin! Patience is wearing thin.

I have closed my other threads related to Directory to keep this simple.

Long story short: I tried to implement the Directory plugin a year ago on my site girlygirldirectory.com. After months of going around in circles with it, I put it on the back-burner.

I really want this to work so I am giving it another go. So far, here are my issues.

1. When a customer wants to sign up, they are taken to an automatically generated signup page. From there, they have to select “New Account”. This seems like an unnecessary step. Why aren’t they just directed to the sign up page?

2. Once they enter their Username and email, they are just automatically redirected to the “signin” page. They will have no idea how to sign in because there is no message or instruction on what’s next…for example “Thank you for signing up! We have sent you a log in password”. People will walk away from this.

3. Once/If the new signup ever figures out how to login, they are redirected to wp-admin. This is not good. This will confuse them. They should be directed right back to the home page or a success page, but definitely not wp-admin!

**4. The only one able to “add listing” is admin. This is a HUGE problem! No matter how I toggle the capabilities, only admin can list. I have test users set up as “paid directory members”, assigning listing capabilities – but it is not working. They cannot add listings.

5. The customer does not receive a message notifying them that their password was emailed to them after signing up…..if (by chance although unlikely) they check their email, they would find a “WordPress” email with their auto-gen passwd. How to change this to read “Girly Girl Directory”?

6. What is the purpose of all of the default Directory Capabilities? I need Directory Paid and Directory Not Paid. People will either be placing a directory listing or browsing through listings and possibly rating them.

These are all huge issues for me and I cannot promote the site until these bugs are worked out. I have attempted to find fixes for these on my own….even followed all of the following dead-end threads:




For now, I have changed the payments to “free listings”…it’s the only way people can list, but defeats the purpose (for my needs).

I hope someone can give me a viable solution to this.

Give it a try yourself, girlygirldirectory.com. Sign up and see if you know what the heck to do.