Virtual page. Editing this page won't change anything.

I'm running membership, buddypress, directory and classifieds.

The classifieds page simply comes up with this message:"Virtual page. Editing this page won’t change anything."

And I don't know what I need to do to make the listings appear here.

I have renamed the pages, I have deleted and reinstalled the plugin but it remains the same.

Another question on here was similar and suggested the custompress plugin was causing issues. Although I have plugin installed I hadn't been using it so I have just gone to deactivate it and although I can see it and access it in the dashboard, it is not listed in my plugins list.

I've looked at every plugin, I have run a search and even when I go to the wpmudev dashboard, the custompress pluging is listed as available for download even though it is already installed.

Am I going crazy?

I've added a screenshot to show it installed on the left (at the bottom) on the page where I've searched in my plugins.

This is the classifieds page where the error is:

please help :slight_smile: