VPS hosting


I would like to ask about the minimum requirement I need to look for if I want to install WP multisite on a VPS hosting. This is because I am finding myself going slower on VPS than on shared hosting and am wondering if it is a WordPress issue or that I muck up my server configs somehow. I’ve found a few writings on this, mainly on the RAM requirement, that might not be the issue since it seems that I do have RAM to spare. (Note too that I know I do not need VPS for my WordPress yet – just getting one to force myself to learn a bit about server side.)

Running Centos5, powerpanel, whm/cpanel

check that php memory is 64

Only installed WordPress, multisite enabled, buddypress enabled, only 3 test users and 3 test blogs (admin included) loaded about 25 themes and about 25 plugins (activated 12 plugins – mainly supporter).

My current VPS package offers:

1.8 Ghz Intel CPU

650 guaranteed memory – 1gb burst

Network port 100mbps

Is the above enough or barely meeting requirements for WordPress?

Host help service seems to think I need more memory since WHM/cPanel min memory requirement is 512mb and php takes another about 25mb, and suggest I upgrade.

But I check the power panel and it seems I was only using between 300-500 of memory, though my load average sometimes hits 1.4 even though my CPU shows only approximately 4% usage.

Thanks for any advice.