Website & Scholar/Media Wiki Systems Integration

I’m finishing up a wp website using a PageLines theme for consulting purposes. I purchased the Scholar theme and desire to use it for research purposes, and want to integrate into it the Media Wiki platform to support research effort. The plan is for members to have access to Media Wiki for research purposes (topic development/writing/collaboration, etc.), and access to Scholar within a blog/forum setting. Scholar is hosted on a separate domain with Media Wiki integration, will appear as a menu item on a different domain/website using the PageLines, and will open in a separate window. In regard to my project, I ask the following for assistance:

(a) How can I avoid possible redirection problems when switching between the two websites?

(b) How can Media Wiki be seamlessly integrated into Scholar? I have yet to complete preliminary workup as I must first learn the fundamentals of designing a research venue using Media Wiki. Are there any known technical problems when integrating Scholar and Media Wiki? I saw only one website where this was done using Scholar and I believe a different Wiki. Are there others known that I could take a look at?

(c) Any idea where technical/design information can be acquired that may assist me in this undertaking?

All assistance much appreciated.