Weird behaviour on Membership2 Pro

Hi Guys,

Been looking into doing some stuff on my membership website today and noticed some strange behaviour.

First off when logged in as an admin and clicking on the button to sign up to a plan (produced by a shortcode). I find myself on an url like this which is fine but I noticed some incorrect data. As can be seen here on screenshot:

However when I log in as a user/subscriber I get the correct values of:

Total USD 95.00

You will pay USD 95.00 each month.

Why is it all weird for the admin account?

The second thing I have noticed is that when an existing users (not logged in) selects another plan they wish to buy it asks them to register or login, upon logging in they are taken directly to their account instead of the page to purchase the plan they want e.g. can this be fixed in a future release so the customer doesn’t have to go back to the signup page again to choose their preferred plan again after login?

Also I’ve just noticed that if I use the do_shortcode function in a theme template file it doesn’t seem to load all the necessary bits M2 needs. For example I use a shortcode to produce the signup buttons, these do not work when generated in the template file using do_shortcode?

Cheers dudes