What causes the plugin folder not to come through in Snapshot?


I enabled wpmudev dashboard support FYI too.

What cause the plugin folder not to come through in Snapshot?

See here:


I need a exact and 100% cloned snapshot to migrate this site. I know I selected everything. What would cause the plugins folder to not be present in the .zip?

Can you take a look? Keep in mind knowing we really need this snapshot to be 100% identical on the other site we restore to.

Another Snapshot can be done on the server FYI too if you want to test it.


P.S. Side Question: The other site had information on it (pages and posts etc). We are going to be sure that the theme active and all plugins are active before the migration/restore from the snapshot too of course, but my question is when we do that all the old pages and posts and info will be deleted/removed right (which we are totally fine with as long as the other site looks and has the exact same content, settings, look/feel etc)? I.E. it will be truly restoring the previous site 100% from that (cause we do not want to have duplicate pages and posts or other such issues)?