What do you recommend using – Inclusive or Exclusive rules

I am trying to use Membership to allow people to create Admins for their multisite blogs that have specific access.

I used to use Editors, but found that they lacked access to certain areas (like gravity forms – etc)

Now I am trying to decide what the best approach is. It seems that “inclusive” access is the best approach. Originally i thought that meant i had to check everything on public site, groups, comments, etc.

However, i have found that due to nature of membership – admin isnt blocked?

So i dont have to worry about an “allow” type of thing messing up public side (or – sidenote: does allow mean allow it for X level assuming its blocked for visitors, but if not blocked it doesnt matter?)

So what do you suggest? It seems an Allow Menu/Submenu would be best approach. So if a new plugin is enabled that is open to admins, it doesnt automatically show?

What would you suggest?