What exactly do I have to put in my requests so the first time staff reads it they work on it?


No matter how well I seem to word a ticket my first response is always some form of a push off question about testing for plugin issues and then a helpful link to this flow chart.


Can I please get a list of what I need to put in my tickets at the top so that the first response to a ticket is not some form email that is applicable to every single question in wordpress?

I use 99% WPMUdev plugins as that is the point of signing up with a shop that has a plugin for everything you need. Even if a conflict came out it would be a conflict with your plugin!

With the awesome addition of enable support access I thought that would mean faster issue resolution however instead I have to wait for an initial response only to tell them I did basic troubleshooting.

Please tell me the list of things I have to explicitly state that I did in my question to bypass this issue.

Better yet force a drop down when I create a ticket for each thing you want me to do anyway and then I can expressly state it is done to avoid this ping pong of basic troubleshooting.

Even better yet if your staff reps want the test done then create a simple back-end protocol to disable any non WPMUdev plugins (not all plugins) for testing and release that as a feature for your staff access portal.

Looking forward to the result as this will save dozens of delayed hours on troubleshooting requests throughout the year.

Thank you,