what payment system if any would allow recurring domain regsitration with domain mapping?


I’m posting again to find the best way of pretty much automating the domain purchasing from domain mapping.

1. Does Paypal express allow recurring for domain purchasing?

2. If I use enom credit card processing can I setup recurring charges?

3. If I use Paypal pro can it be setup for recurring payments?

Is Paypal pro the best way to accept credit card payments for recurring domain purchasing?

Will Paypal pro do the same for Pro Sites? I currently only have Paypal Express setup which looks like there isn’t an option for credit card recurring payments.

My goal is to accept credit card payments or Paypal but with as many services set as recurring as possible.

I thought about Stripe which seems like it may work well for Pro Sites and then I would have to setup Enom Credit Card Agreement and integration for Domain Mapping.

This is probably a silly question. In setting up Enom CCAgreement would Enom be using my CC or just processing my clients CC’s?

I hope this all makes sense. I’m just trying to get a seamless system going. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The end question is what is the best setup to use Prosites and Domain mapping to get everything recurring and accepting CC’s.

I think I am fine using Paypal Express with Marketpress since I don’t need any recurring payments on the front end.

Thank you!