What to do next?

I’m back! I know I’ve taken more time off than I originally thought I would need ,since my mom passed away. Now back to FOCUS….I have to get this site up and going so I can pay the one time yearly fee.

Ok- I want my site sort of like Etsy

I am still waiting for my Application ID from PayPal – I’ve been waiting since 4/4/2012!!

I want people to register so they can sell their items. They will have a choice of paying monthly or yearly.

When they sell an item they will have to pay a percentage back to MMMarketplace

What am I missing on the front page so they can register?

I am totally locked on moving further until I hear back from PayPal, correct?

I need to know what steps I need to take next?

Can you look at my site and tell me what to do?