What's in a WordPress developer's toolkit?


We run a WordPress network across a university and it’s increasingly being used for mission critical work. I want to write a document for new and existing web developers at the university that provides us with an agreed toolkit for WP development, as well as outline an expected process of development, so as to ensure code that is pushed to our production servers is well written, well tested and well documented.

I’d be very grateful if any of you could tell me/point me to what tools you use for WP development e.g. essential plugins for debugging, unit tests, how you deploy code, what your dev environment consists of, whether you use Continuous Integration, and suggestions for what you’d expect to see a team of WordPress developers using in a large organisation running a WP network.

This would be not only very useful to us, but I’m really interested in learning more about other WP developer’s tooling. If you want to write to me off-list, it’s jwinn@lincoln.ac.uk

I will share the document when it’s finished.

Thank you