Where are all the wp_ozh_wsa(“”) calls?

I’v just installed “who sees ads” and I have a question.

Where are alle the wp_ozh_wsa(“xxxxxxx”:wink: funcion calls located? I’ve searched quite some time but only found wp_ozh_wsa(“336280nocolor”:wink: in index.php….. Couldn’t find footer’s with an ozh_wsa call in it. I’ve searched for this in the premium 100theme package.

A list of locations / call’s would be very nice. That way one can predict were ad’s are going to be places, and for which themes. Also, I didn’t find an option to disable ad’s for supporters…

I understand that the theme-package is beeing revisited to support full multi-language support, maybe I’m impatient, just let me know :wink: