Where did the Blog go? (and how do I link to it?)

I have a few challenges here…

I have the social theme installed on a single WP Buddypress installation.

I’ve created 3 categories for the default blog.

I see no link for the blog page anywhere on the site or within the admin panel to activate.

I’d like to find the link that shows ALL blog posts together and include it within the default menu where we also see, Home, Activity, Community (and any pages that I create.)

I’m unable to figure out (even with lots of searching here) how to create additions to the default BP menu mentioned above so that when I create pages they don’t all line up next to one another and wrap but instead allow me to have a submenu. An example would be a link to the main blog and when hovering over it, the three categories would drop down for selection – exactly like we see the “Community” link do by default.

Please be advised that I’m a rookie at editing but I can be moderately effective with some cut-n-paste tactics!