Which MS plugins for both site creators and their paid site users in a network WP setup

I’m researching MS plugins for a large network WordPress install. I’m trying to get my head around the differences between Supporter and Membership and how it applies to what I am after.

The overall network site or primary domain will allow content creators to sign up and pay to create a site/blog. I need to be able to customize and control the approval process here and later their ability to add content creation users to their blogs.

The individual sites need to also be able to sign up members who sign up subscription payments and have access to content. I need most plugins and such to work at this level and be available to to all the sites. The $$$ here would go to the site creation users.

I’m sure the Membership plugin is what I want at at least one of these levels. I thought a quick question would save me a ton of time if this kind of setup has the plugins I needs available already. All the payment processing would be Paypal based most likely.

Any pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.