Which roles and/or capabilities have access to view statistics in the dashboard?


I’ve successfully installed Google Analytics + as the network administrator and I can view statistics in the network dashboard as well as individual site dashboards.

When I am logged in to a site as a non-administrator user I can’t see the statistics. I use the free Members plugin so I wondered if there was a new capability added by this plugin that I could simply assign to other roles, but I can’t see such a capability.

Other than the site administrator, is there another role that can view the statistics? I don’t allow my clients to use the administrator role for sites I create for them but the benefit of usable Google Analytics is for them.

If it’s not currently possible for another role to view the statistics, could you please either add a capability (preferred option) or add some checkboxes to the Settings > Google Analytics configuration page for each role to assign them visibility of the statistics.

Another capability should be available for configuring the plugin options, separate to viewing the statistics.