Whoops! Lost Initial Blog after upgrade…

So, here I go diving into waters that are apparently too deep for me.

I upgraded manually to 2.8.2 and upon doing so you can no longer see the main site of the wordpressmu install ie (http://domain.com). Instead it takes you to the wordpressmu login page.

All blogs are still there and if you go to any of the subdomains, (http://subdomain.domain.com) they all work fine. This is good as this is where all my clients reside.

When I log into wordpressmu, everything is still there and intact. The main blog still shows up in the backend, but when I try to go to the site I am always brought back to the admin interface (as I’m already logged in).

Geez, I’m a n00b! Anyone got some suggestions on what I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance