Why can't I get my site to look like the test site?

It’s probably just me but I cannot get images to show on the product/category listing pages like this:




Instead mine look like this: http://www.mobilityproducts4u.org/mp4ucat.JPG

Just not attractive. What am I doing wrong?

Same applies to the actual product page. http://wp-ecommerce.org/store1/store/products/playskool-sit-and-spin-pink/ looks lovely but is that created manually or is there some sort of template working there to position the text to the right and picture to the left resizing it at the same time so all product pages look the same?

The site works but I’m just struggling to actually make it look nice!

Maybe just lack of sleep is blinding me from the obvious but I won’t be getting any more sleep than I have been for a while!