Why can't you add a screenshot when initially asking a question?

I asked a new question – and because I’ve added screenshots before on a running issue, I presumed that I would be able to do that from WPMU Dev dashboard when asking a support question.

But you can’t.

I then used the link to my question as it tells me I can add to the question BUT when you click on the link to the question, you CANNOT add a screenshot OR add any more data.

It appears that you have to WAIT until someone provides an answer as there is NOWHERE to add more information or another comment until a support person answers your question.

That is crazy:

1. You need to be able to add screenshots to a question (esp if you have been involved using questions you know it is possible).

2. It needs to allow you to add to your own question regardless of whehter someone has yet answered it or not.

My last question says “see screenshot” but I realised I can’t provide it – nor can I make a comment to advise why it wasn’t added when I indicated it would be there.

These are two bugs.