How to Make your WordPress Site Faster

Recently, aecnu (Joe) made a really interesting comment with a rock solid point while answering a question concerning hosting services where separate servers are used, one for hosting, another for a data base and archive; in fact it could be possible for up to three different servers (or more?) providing varying items for your viewers and/or subscribers.

Lets use this to start a conversation about ways to get our own sites smoking along the internet highway.

aecnu to me: Thank you for the great question.

They are setup in local host fashion and on the same server.

This avoids as in Go Daddy’s case the databases from being spread across several servers while at the same time the web site speed is not compromised due to the round trip it takes in this type of configuration i.e. web server –> mysql query –> mysql separate server –> processes query –> sends back to web server.

As you can see this round trip indeed adds time to site processing to any site that uses MySQL databases.

The advantage of this is the server is separate and can process independently from the web server.

The disadvantage is other then round trip time is they probably have many sites from many web servers feeding off a single database server for example and when that server goes down, if it indeed goes down, then all the web sites attached to it are down as well even if the web server is fine. But then the sites are junk as well because no database to power them, especially when considering WordPress sites or any other database driven site.

However, in my configuration the web servers indeed contain the MySQL database server “localhost” and not only does this make for easy configurations, but if there is indeed an issue the other servers remain unaffected and the tragedy is localized to a single server instead of global –> or at least partially global.

In addition, the round trip time is non existent.

If you have a suggestion or a question, let’s have at them.