Why have our Super Admin Accounts been Marked as Spam when we Marked a blog as SPAM?

Note: This is regarding the Anti-Splog plugin. For some reason it is not showing in the "Select an installed plugin" dropdown above.

We had a new Blog signup and found out that it was not automatically identified as a SPLOG by your plugin. So we decided to open the page and clicked on the SPLOG action in the Menu Bar.

After that, the page was still loading and we waited for about 2 more minutes. When it still did not refresh the page, we decided to open our website in a new tab. It still did not load the page, refer to Splog Error.png.

When we opened the page on another browser, this time it loaded. We then tried to log in using our other Super Admin account and went into the Network Dashboard User's page.

That's when we determined that our other Super Admin Accounts were marked as spam.

We've enabled the option to Spam all of the users of a blog in the Anti-Splog Settings page. However, it also says there that Super Admin Accounts would not be marked as spam.

I believe this is a bug in your plugin. We were lucky enough to have another Super Admin account that was not marked as spam.

Also, it would have saved us a lot of time figuring out what caused the problem if at first we were redirected to a page which says that the account was marked as spam.