Why not "groups" here on WPMU? This could help users focus on their own Niche use.

Hey gang…

Kinda new here, but wouldn’t it be REALLY cool if there were “groups” like in BP where we could connect with users that have a similar focus or niche to our project?

For example, I’m an educator- I’d love an educator’s group where we can talk about the specifics of using WPMU in education- which has such different rules and regs than a for-profit organization, plus the additional challenges of maintaining both student privacy and public openness at the same time.

With this in place, we could help each other with “cookbooks” for plugin collections and theme tweaks related to our uses….

I see the following useful-

Pay for membership/video/resource sites (selling lessons, software, etc)

Businesses creating internal support sites

businesses creating public facing info sites.

Education sites (as already described)

What’cha think? Throw some rep points if you dig it. I’d love to get that free lifetime membership. Teachers are dead broke. LOL!