wildcard DNS strange behavior – @ cpanel experts

Hi !

I have a strange behavior with “some” domains using the multidomains plugin (in 3.0.4 OR 3.1 rc2)

“Some” domains works fine but “some” does not and have the “Warning! Wildcard DNS for xxxxxxxx.tld may not be configured correctly!”

those domain are “parked” correctly on top of the main one, and “some” does not work. The config is exactly the same, the dns entries identical, the * in A correctly inserted, but SOME domains does not work. How is it possible ? That should be all or nothing ! what did I miss ?

Is it cpanel related or wp related ? How can I check and find where is the error ?

In fact, although the dns config is apparently correct, and ientical to the others, when i park them i have the “park wrapper” error in c panel. Had to activate the option in twek setting to park domain from “othe dns” BUT they are strcly identical ! (same DNS in the registrar entries, correctly inserted on the secondary dns)

WHM 11.28.64 on dedicated server.