Will Parent / Child themes scale with multiple users on multisite?


(This Is NOT a WPMUdev specific Support Question – Sorry I forgot to tick the box before submitting)

I am looking to set up a multisite network, where people can register for a website – like even edublogs – well like that concept anyway.

Due to the nature of my users specific needs (I will be aiming towards a niche target). There will be some custom post formats, and maybe custom post types, fields and/or custom templates. Each theme would have the same functionality in the back end, but I wanted to give the users different theme styles to choose from.

On the surface, a parent / child theme setup would appear to be perfect for this. I can put the functionality in the parent, and just have the different theme looks using child themes.

But, will it scale?

I know that the WordPress code can scale to many concurrent users, but will a parent theme? I am concerned that If I used the parent/child theme setup, then every site will be drawing off the one parent theme, and I don’t know if a parent theme can handle it. Lets say that I had 5,000 sites in the network. If I had multiple child themes then they may be serving say 1,000 sites from each child. But, the one parent would be serving up all 5,000 websites to all the visitors.

Sorry, I know this is not specifically about WPMUdev themes, but there are a lot of very knowledgeable multisite and theme people on here. Anyway, I haven’t even created / commissioned a theme yet, so maybe it will be a WPMUdev theme question :slight_smile: