WILL PAY !!! Need urgent modification done to Membership Premium

Hi All…. have a big question. I bought and installed Membership Premium on a WP/BP multisite, and the client now wants additional functionality, I have looked at various other options like S2Member and Wishlist Member and was happy that Membership Premium was the best for us… well now I have a real problem, as they want additional functionality.

The experts live here in this forum, so I ask the experts. I need a cost from anyone please to build the following functionality into Members. I have tried looking at using affiliates to “get closer to the goal” and even looked at (and don’t laugh) geneology plugins e.g. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rootspersona/ and http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/genealogy/ hoping that somehow between the lot we could have some already half way there bits of functionality that could be incorporated.

These guys run almost like a Multi Level membership system or are now going to

Member A joins on Level 1 > he can recruit max 10 members, who each in return can return 5 members and they again 5 more up to 5 levels only. Then membership for that Group is full, groups will be limited too.


Top Guy Group A – 10 members

Generation 1 – 5 members

Generation 2 – 25 members

Generation 3 – 125 members

Generation 4 – 625 members

780 members


> i need to be able to put a commission figure in for each member….

> after member does his normal WP join up he then gets to build his downline, by emailing (Invite Anyone??) someone or selecting from existing users on site (as long as they are NOT in any other of these group already

> They can do the same

> The guys above each level will be able to see his “geneology” downtree

> Any sales sold by any member in tree via Membership Premium Subs or MarketPress will “post” their “affiliate commissions” to each in the tree’s accounts (as in “virtual account”:wink:

Affiliates could do some of this, I guess (with a tweak), and to add a “tree”, a bastardized geneology plugin framework could be used – in this ONE parent, 5 kids, who again have 5 kids… except the kids are all registered members after receiving an invite from a member.

AS i said, I am stuck here BIG time, I will pay for any assistance PLEASE folks. My skype is greg.mcewan.marriott