Wish List – Tags & Yoast info


I’d like to submit two feature request for Autoblog – 1) reinstate the import tags option that was in place in early 2014 and 2) retain SEO Yoast (or other SEO) information in posts.

As an example – The ThreeWPBroadcast plugin is able to keep tags and SEO information intact when broadcasting to another site. We’ve had to resort to having to use this plugin for populating a site that would be better served if populated by Autoblog so that editors don’t have to remember to select the aggregated “subject” sites when publishing a single post.

Why are tags so important? We’ve worked VERY hard to keep the categories list for each of our sites consistent and clean. With 11 writers and 3 editors picking specific categories when writing articles within multiple sites, keeping those lists from being populated by tags is of utmost importance. As it stands now, in order to use Autoblog it will convert all categories and tags AS categories. Therefore, littering the category dropdowns.

Why are we keeping tags then? Well, sometimes, if a tag is a topic that continues to generate a substantial amount of stories, we may run a posts feed filter by tag. We also have search looking at tags.

RE: SEO – most of our posts have SEO items populated. Those are completely lost when autoblogging.