WooCommerce Product Vendors Permissions

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Plugin: http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-vendors/

I’m having issue with the role employer, should not be admin roles however my site is a directory site along with Woocommerce. I need them to be able to edit/add/delete their own products on the backend.

When I first used it allowed my custom role with limited access to the wordpress dashboard and they were allowed to:

Products listing page

Add new product page

Vendor details page

Support says: “When you make it a vendor, it add some capabilities, like read_product, edit_product, etc. This is done via code, automatically at the vendor creation.”

However now, something happened to the code beyond my knowledge, maybe a plugin changed it, but my site no longer allows other roles besides admin to access those pages. Those default capabilities are not set to any vendors that I create. This is an issue because I need them to add their own products or edit their vendor details themselves!

Feel free to access, create, test on my website.