wordpress – rising from the ashes of a weird developer

hi there,

i have inherited a WP website developed by someone else.

here’s what it currently does.

it used to have a network installed, with subfolders, not subdomains.

that got deactivated when they figured out woocommerce doesn’t play well with a networked WP install.

i need to undo the history of that network, so i can make it run on subdomains.

then i need to kill woocommerce (has no content to speak of, so that’s fine)

and install the wpmudev ecommerce plugin on a network that runs on subdomains.

the wordpress core install is outdated, i’m sure that’s because it crashes when you do the update…

short from just running a backup, and rolling back when i work, can someone please throw a couple of pointers in my direction for the job at hand?

(i would love to just load this entire install on another domain that’s lying around, so i can develop / test / troubleshoot on there. will that actually help?)