WordPress SEO Issues-search result issues with recently updated site

Hello WPMU geniuses!

I recently rebuilt this website, hideaway lodge.com

The server that they use is a bit antiquated and I have been having issues that I have never had before. I was hoping that you might be able to point me in the right direction as to how to fix it.

The site was previously an html site

When I search for “hideaway lodge” I get the site with its current title and it links to the homepage correctly. You will see that after the meta description there are also links for “cabin link” “menu link” etc. These go to pages that do not exist. Also, the second listing is a page from the old site that no longer exists.

Why are those “cabin link” links there and is there a way for me to get rid of them? Is this the old site still indexing? I only made the change over to the new wordpress site 2 weeks ago…

If you can tell me where I might be able to solve this or why it might be going on I would appreciate it. Do I need to remove the old files from my server in order to stop this from happening?

Thank you guys so much. I have most things under control though this one certainly got me :slight_frown:

Pura Vida,