Workflow for working with git and WordPress

As my site becomes more important to my business, I want to have better version control so I can look up past changes and backup my code. I keep seeing people talking about having their entire site in git and I want to know how that works.

I currently have my custom theme in my git repo. The only person who will edit the theme is me. After committing my edits, I deploy by FTP-ing the new files to my site.

How would you have an entire site in git? WordPress, themes, and plugins (I have lots of them!) are updated frequently and would create lots of commits. Do I ignore them? Or do I only commit them when I deploy? How would I keep track of changes to my own theme and custom plugins among all the other commits from updated plugins?

I would love for someone to share some insight into this with me.

P.S. As you might guess I’m fairly new to git, hence the wrong terminology etc. Appreciate it if you explain it like I’m 5 with your answers :slight_smile: