Would it be possible to get 'user' as a custom field type for CustomPress?


I’d like to create a custom post type where some of the custom fields are sets of one or more existing users. For example, Amanda might be the author of a post about a study group for which one custom field, Group Leader, is Bobby, and another custom field, Group Members, consists of Cindy and Derick. Although I’m using the word “group” in the example, I am not referring to a BuddyPress Group or anything of that nature. I’m looking at spending $139.00 on WordPress Creation Kit Pro for this plus front-end posting. I’m assuming there are other ways to accomplish front-end posting (other plugins, but I haven’t looked yet), so it’d be easy for me to peg a number (about $139.00) to how much value WPMUDEV is providing with this feature if it’s possible to add this.

Whether or not you decide to add this feature, thanks for inviting suggestions.