Would love to see an RSS Feeds Importer & Autoposter like..



I’m using RSS Multi Importer and i’ve tested AutoBlogged and many other RSS plugins, But i cant find anywhere a plugin that does the following:

A) Manually set the CRON per feed when to run and import feeds.

B) Able to deal with importing 500 Feeds without knocking down the mySQL DB, and not creating zombie threads in the server as leftovers after each update.

C) Detect post’s title and not allow double or triple post posting.

D) Autopost the feeds in more than 1 category

E) Memory efficient.

F) Fully configurable from WP Backend enviroment

After lots of testing i’ve settled down with RSS Multi Importer, but it lacks all the above features, and as i see in their website they dont seem to update it very often neither have any plans for new versions.

Would you be interrested into building a plugin like RSS multi importer plus the above features? I’ve also tried Autoblog but it’s very basic and lacks many many features.

Thank you