WP – eCommerce Rental Website Solutions

Hello Everyone, I need help with a project I am doing. Please read through, anyone can help give ideas, solutions or suggestions.

About the project: I am in the process of trying to build an Online Website using WordPress for my Rental Shop that I own.

I need members to be able to login and then pay or go on a subscription to rent a product (such as a computer or laptop) for a limited amount of time which they will then come pick up in person from our shop with their receipt showing that they have paid for the product and then when their product time ends they get emailed (to their wordpress user email) that time is out and they have to either bring back or renew their product.

That is giving you a basis of what I am building, now what I really need help with in the project is creating the rent product part. Is anyone able to give me some solutions on how I can set-up a product rental system using wordpress plugins, themes and if needed custom coding, or what applications or plugins there are that can help me with this.

Thanks so much, I need all the help I can get..

Great WordPress Community by the way :slight_smile: