wp_register_widget_control and wp_register_sidebar_widget


I’m in the process of creating a widget pack must like edublogs has:


Basically it’s a single php file containing all of the additional widgets added to the site.

I’ve been reading the differences between wp_register_sidebar_widget and register_sidebar_widget. I want to use wp_register_sidebar_widget as it allows the addition of a description of the widget, something that I feel needs to be added in.

Looking through the widgets that I’m adding in, most of them use the functions register_sidebar_widget and register_widget_control to add their hooks. I realize I need to edit the code to change register_sidebar_widget into wp_register_sidebar_widget as well as edit some of the surrounding code to get this to work.

My question is this: If I’m changing the register_sidebar_widget into wp_register_sidebar_widget, do I also need to change register_widget_control into wp_register_widget_control?