WPMU Dev BP Themes compatibility with my site?


I have a custom WordPress theme, with a very dull looking BuddyPress as my Forums etc. The site is new so very open to more customisation. I am happy with the custom WP design but hate the BP look @ present.

What I would like to ask is whether one of your themes is able to slip into my current design & enhance the BP side of my site without upsetting the balance of my custom WP-theme?

Basically I wish to maintain my WP header throughout my site but add one of your BP themes that adds the cooler looking layout & greater functionality to my site.

How easy is all this to achieve?

I haven’t quite made my mind up as to what theme I wish to implement yet, but a strong community that utilises all of the BP features will prob be a def winner.

If I simply installed a theme to my liking from the dashboard would it cause a small natural disaster upon my site, or does it load well straight from the box to the BP side of my site?

I’m hoping it won’t cause any disruptions to the graphics I currently have set up for WP?

Please advise,

Thanks in advance,