WPMU DEV Forum and Live Chat Updates


Hiya folks!

Well, here we are with one month under our belts in 2011! We’ve been working hard making some improvements here and there and I wanted to just quickly point them out to ya in case you’ve missed them!

Last year, we did a couple member polls and took some suggestions/feedback for the forums and how we handle support around here. We’ve got quite the road ahead of us, but here’s a snapshot of what’s been done in January:

1. Plugins/Themes are now auto-update capable! This is by far one of the larger tasks we’ve taken on. The end result is our plugins and themes are now much easier to install. As much as possible, we’ve matched up to the same structure used for items on wordpress.org and with the new Update Notifications plugin – staying with the latest release is a synch!

Update Notifications: https://wpmudev.com/project/update-notifications

2. Live Chat – Judging by the latest survey (more on that soon) a great many of you have never tried out our live chat. That’s a shame. At the same time, those of you who have saw frustration with displays malfunctioning among other issues.

Well, we’ve made the switch and have begun using our very own chat plugin right here on the site! So if you’re looking for a live chat plugin to test, drop by and say hello in the members-only chat. We’re very excited about it – and now logs will be archived so you can go back and read through the advice you receive at a later date as well!

Check out our scheduled chat times here:


And get your copy of WordPress Chat here:


3. Forum Updates – Your response was overwhelming when we began talking about improving the forums. We took what you said to heart and have been working and testing some new solutions that you should become more evident as we roll them out.

– The code display elements have been much improved (finally!)

– Threads can now be marked as ‘open’ (red circle) or ‘resolved’ (green checkbox)

– On the backend we’ve made it much easier for our support folks to properly tag the plugin or theme and alert the appropriate person to take a look

This means, fewer over-looked threads (our goal is to stop that from happening at all) quicker response time from our team, and making it easier to share both questions and answers which is really the entire point.

Overall, it’s not too shabby for one month’s time. But we’re not stopping here. 2011 has just begun and we have loads more by way of improvements both to the quality of support here and some awesome enhancements to the plugins and themes.

We’ll be sharing more with you shortly as we’ve been analyzing the results of the most recent survey and have some great surprises in store as well. Thanks to all our members for helping us make WPMU DEV better and better!