[WPMU DEV Forum] Simplify "Ask a Question"


I was just looking at this forum/support area with fresh eyes. I feel sorry for newcomers. Take a walk with me and see what I mean…

Start at /forums/forum/forum-name.

Click "ASK A QUESTION" … because when in a forum subsection and clicking New Topic, chances are high that we will always want to add a topic about the section we're in.

But here… that simply goes to /live-support.

Go to Live Chat Support (not what we asked for but that's all that's available) > Get Support >

Feature Request or Technical Support? Well, I wanted to "Ask a question".

Try Feature Request and it asks for the product. So no, I guess asking a question in a support forum is Technical Support. Makes sense, we're in the Support category. But let's say in this case I was in section "Features and Feedback". Feedback implies a comment, not necessarily a request for a feature.

Those of us who use this forum understand the tricks: To "Ask a Question" in the "Features and Feedback" section, post a "Feature Request". But to "Ask a Question" in other sections, go to Technical Support > Create a Ticket. I didn't really want to create a ticket, I just wanted to ask a forum question…

Let's go with it. From there, to ask a question in a specific Support section, pick the "topic", then narrow down the focus. Note that "Features and Feedback" isn't one of those sections – why are all of the other sections there and not this one?

So the user might try > I want to start a community discussion. A modal form then opens … showing a different section than the one we were in, probably the last section where we posted a note for the community. However now we're in the members forum, not support.

Perhaps this can be simplified… If we click Ask A Question in a specific forum section, just open the right dialog for that section so that we can post there quickly. If we want Live Support = Chat, there is a Support menu item for that. If we're in the All section and click Ask A Question, sure take us through the inquiry because it's unclear what kind of question we want to ask.

I know this forum is a mixed purpose forum/support area. It's not doing either job well. And I know work is being done to improve it. But we've posted a LOT of comments over time about this forum, and you guys are working on a LOT of other things. Please treat your own website and this forum like a product, slap a version number on it, and do small periodic updates. Saving everything for a major rollout? Great – tell us about it. But right now the pain continues and there's no view of relief in sight.

Thanks as always.