WPMU DEV Update Notifications 2.0 Beta Release

Ok guys, this is what you have been begging for for years!

2.0 – 12/30/2010

– Major rewrite! Required for the latest versions of WPMU DEV plugins.

– 3.1 compatibility

Auto-updates for compatible themes/plugins! Bulk auto-upgrades as well!

– Transparent integration into the WordPress update system: Counts, plugin/theme pages with sorting

– New release notices

– Optional special offer notices

– More admin notice control

– Quick links to instructions and support

– Instant preview of changelogs

This is a beta release, so please test away! Especially autoupdates, no warranty on those, but we’ve had great success testing so far.

Good luck, and let me know your feedback! This is very important to get right as it will soon be required to be installed to use any of our themes/plugins.

Also be aware that only a subset of our themes/plugins are currently auto-update capable. We’ll be marking as many as we can that way very soon. Here are a few confirmed that you can test with:



-Ultimate Translate


-Most of our newer themes.

Install by dropping the /wpmudev-updates/ folder into /plugins/ and then (Network) Activate it. You will also need to delete any existing update-notifications.php file if you have it in /mu-plugins/. This release is compatible with regular WP as well as Multisite.