WP.MU Questions


I am a newbie to your site and first off…WOW and Thank you!

I have been spending months trying to do what you guy’s have here for us…if I had only found you sooner! Anyhow…I am here now and it’s been an interesting 1st week for me…After spending last week as a member of WPMUDEV and attempting to install every single plugin ect…getting to know your stuff and how it works…I just found WP.MU and am seriously considering doing it this way and canceling the VPS I just signed up for…however I have a few questions….

1. I am assuming you have the latest version of supporter ( Pro Sites ) installed as your Site Admin Guide still uses the term “supporter” so I just wanted to clarify and it refers to standard..paypal. Pro Sites allows for PayPalPro and Pay Pal Pro Subscriptions (reoccurring payments) both of which I have…so I wanted to make sure the install version on this services has those options…

2. If it does (allow PayPalPro/Subscription)…how is the SSL for sub-domains handled. Do you have a shared SSL Cert or would we still need one. Shared would be awesome since wild card SSL can get expensive. I am assuming we do not have DED IP so shared SSL would be the only options…This is not my area of expertise so apologies for making wrong assumptions or asking an obviously dumb question as I am more a designer…than a developer.

My experience attempting to do this myself this past week on my own VPS…was I assumed we could use a regular single site SSL as only the checkout required it. However, after installation…I got security warnings when logged in as a user ( not admin ) because after sign-up I was still in SSL mode redirected back to the sub-domain of my new blog in https://. This is a huge issue for me as I cannot afford a wildcard SSL at the moment. Perhaps there is a workaround for this or…a setting I over looked. again newbie…:slight_smile:

3. If for some reason we screw up something…and it seems like we need to do a re-install…to default installation (just like you have it when we sign up..) is that possible?…example…is there a delete script/ install script for the version of this service (the complete install at wp.mu) we signed up for…just like easy scripts…does in other hosting environments….for wordpress…

Let me clarify..I do not mean me having to manually install each plugin like I do as a WPMUDEV member but an actually re-install of the entire WP.MU SERVICE.

If that’s a yes than I am assuming we could then utilize the larger package (upto 5domains) to install the package on as well…

Thank you in advance…I have multiple niche markets I am looking to reach out too and even though this service may be more costly upfront it will save me a load of time and aggravation so…I am seriously considering this as a smarter option.

Please chime in on this if I am overlooking some benefit of being on my own VPS…

On a side note…Do you think that having the NS set to WP.MU will in anyway depreciate my service if anyone would want to see how I have developed my site?

Thank you,