WPMUDev Plugins that dont play nice together

I have been butting my head against the wall.

WPMUDev Video Tuitorials was only working if a mulsite subsite used original domain.

This of course meant Facebook Sync and settings for Comments Plus would not work correctly.

So I tossed the Videos plugin,

Then I kept running into issues with 3rd party plugins when using WPMUDEV domain mapping. As i dont pay $400 for them, I chose to toss the other plugins.

Then I noticed that when i use mapped domain, the dashboard visual editor breaks… It tries to load Javascript from the original domain for the MCE editor (this is only on the edit image/media frame once inserted into visual editor).

So i disabled mapped domain in admin dashboard. Totally forgetting about the ultimate facebook integration and comments plus.

5 days and about 10 support tickets later, I ran all sorts of tests on plugins. Installed WPMS into a new machine, put on the basics, and now I am down to this:

WPMUDev Domain Mapping just doesnt play nice with everything.

Solution of course is to use Rons MU Domain Mapping plugin, but then we lose the ability to sell a custom domain as a premium feature only available to paying customers :slight_frown:

…ie, pro sites :slight_frown: