How to optimize your sales process and generate more leads

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Join for this live Q&A session, where we'll be showing you how to generate more leads.

  • How to drive targeted traffic to your site (and more of it).
  • The easy way to adjust your target audience for maximum success.
  • How to hook your ideal customer in with an enticing value proposition.
  • The secret to speaking your customer’s language with conversion-focused website copy.
  • The first (and most important) step just after leads have been captured.
  • How to manage your acquired leads more efficiently.
  • The correct way to set up and optimize your conversion path.
  • How to create simple, optimized checkouts that are more likely to convert.
  • And more!


Meet your hosts for this live Q&A session:

Jorge Díaz Business Development @ WPMU DEV
Greg Karelitz Global Head of WordPress Partnerships @ HubSpot


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