WPMU DEV Hosting

Enterprise Managed WordPress Multisite Hosting

For governments, businesses, and non-profits looking for rock solid hosting and unparalleled support.

Join the thousands of networks and millions of sites that we host, and gain the expertise and experience of our entire team. We treat your site like one of our own.

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Hosting & Infrastructure

­Unlimited Sites, Bandwidth,
Storage & Backups

­Built On AWS
(EC2, S3, Load Balancing)

­Choose From Data Centers In
The US, EU, AU & Canada

(Let's Encrypt Or Dedicated)


­All WPMU DEV Products,
Plugins & Services

­Curated 3rd Party Plugins
(Divi, Woocommerce, etc.)

­Expert Manual Code Reviews

­Git/Bitbucket Management


­General WordPress Support

­Training & Webinars

­Fully Managed Upgrades &

Above & Beyond

­Custom Design &
Development Services

­SSO Configuration
& Setup

­Pagespeed & Performance

­Much, much more....

The WPMU DEV Hosting Guarantee

For every network that we host, we pledge:

99.9% uptime per month, or you don't pay that month.

24/7 monitoring of reliability and site performance.

24/7 dedicated
support and access to our team.

24 hours max for all WordPress security updates.

How Do We Compare?

WPMU DEV Hosting Self Managed Managed Hosts
WordPress Core Updates YayYes Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings YayYes
Plugin and Theme Updates YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
Security Scanning & Protection YayYes NopeNo Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings
Premium Plugins YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
SSO Integration YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
Unlimited Traffic, Bandwidth, Uploads YayYes Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings
Managed & Automated Backups YayYes Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings
Security & Performance Code Reviews YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
Page Speed Optimization Services YayYes NopeNo Depends on host/settingsDepends on hosting/settings
General WordPress Support YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
End User Support YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
Trainings, Documentation, Videos YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
No Cost Migrations and Trials YayYes NopeNo NopeNo
WordPress Multisite Focus YayYes NopeNo NopeNo

Some questions you might have....

How much does WPMU DEV Hosting cost?

Our all-inclusive packages start at $1,000 USD per month.

That sounds really expensive!

That's the absolute minimum you can expect for this level of custom setup, support, expertise and management. Think about how much you would have to pay developers, hosts and managers to get the same...

Also check out WordPress.com VIP Hosting for comparison.

That sounds really cheap!

Thank you, and yes it is! But we've developed the systems and processes that allow us to manage this setup for 1000s of customers across our sister CampusPress service and WPMU DEV Hosting. So you're getting the benefits of a decade of experience. We offer a free trial to everyone too, so you can checkout the experience without any obligation.

Who is this service for?

Companies, non-profits, WordPress agencies, and government organizations of all types and sizes that want enterprise level hosting and services. We offer a unique out-of-the-box solution where we handle all the heavy lifting of hosting, security, backups, support, and upgrades, so you can focus purely on content.

Can we use our own plugins and themes?

Absolutely! We'll provide you with Git access and any needed training to submit and, if you choose, commit code to your site. Part of our service is a manual code review we do on all plugins and themes to ensure security and reliability.

Is it for Multisite only? Can you host just one site?

We are the original WordPress Multisite specialists and Multisite is all we host. That being said, you can always have just one site on a Multisite network ;) If you are curious, get in touch and we can discuss the possibility.

What about reselling or hosting client sites?

Certainly, a large percentage of WPMU DEV Hosting customers are exactly this. We'll chat about your existing setup or needs to make sure that we are good fit for each other and provide a full detailed quote.

My question isn't here, who can I ask?

Please fill out the form below and add your questions. We'll get back to you ASAP.

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