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Manuel is a semi-retired, professional NAATI accredited linguist, a teacher and a professional all rounder polyglot translator. My best work re: WordPress, comes across many documents - plugins/themes translated, for WPMUDEV from English, into French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish at various levels and percentages (%). So far my participation in translation/transcription of official documentation @ account for some 40+ mudev documents. It includes the now 'retired to the GitHub Upfront builder plugin. I sincerely hope that, to some degree, this work becomes useful to many and is of some validity to these wpmu dev members whose their mother tongue is not English, and are in need of some extra clarification. Needless to say that this documentation in its entirety, looks to me as good source of support for wpmu dev members in the resolution of lots of queries, including transcriptional information of plugin's and their respective shortcodes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Recent Ones for 2019 Before Retirement of aprox.90% of their Plugins: Language ‘’ Matters’’ More videos from wpmu dev translated and subtitled in five languages – English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. You can find them here and as the following: WordPress Multisite User Management Made Easy With 7 Different Free Plugins WPMU DEV Is Your All-In-One WordPress Platform Branda - The White-Label WordPress Plugin Defender Free WordPress Security Plugin 1 - DEFENDER PLUGIN: EN-PT (Including Revision/Proofreading/Reporting Edits to be made by WPMU DEV to their Original Documentation or Source Text.) 2 - FORMINATOR PRO: EN-PT (Including Revision/Proofreading/Reporting Edits to be made by WPMU DEV to their Original Documentation or Source Text.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some links in alphabetical order, from English to French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish to some of these translations re: WPMU DEV PLUGINS: APPOINTMENTS- HTT PS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/APPOINTMENTS/PT/DEFAULT/ AVATARS HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/AVATARS/ COMMUNITY - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-COMMUNITY/FR/DEFAULT/ BUDDYPRESS COMMUNITY - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-COMMUNITY/FR/DEFAULT/ BuddyPress Activity Plus – Pt_PT BuddyPress Activity Plus – It_IT Comments Plus – Fr_FR Comments Plus –Pt_PT Content Monitor - Pt_PT CoursePress Pro – Pt- PT Custom Sidebars – Pt_PT BUSINESS- CustomPress - Portuguese HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-BUSINESS/FR/DEFAULT/ DAILY THEME HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/FR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/IT/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/PT/DEFAULT/ DOMAIN MAPPING - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/DOMAINMAP/PT/DEFAULT CUSTOM GOOGLE SEARCH HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/CUSTOM-GOOGLE-SEARCH/ES/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/CUSTOM-GOOGLE-SEARCH/PT/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/CUSTOM-GOOGLE-SEARCH/FR/DEFAULT/ COMMENTS CONTROL HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/COMMENTS-CONTROL/FR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/COMMENTS-CONTROL/ES/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/COMMENTS-CONTROL/PT/DEFAULT/ EDUBLOGS - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/ES/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/FR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/IT/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/EDU-CLEAN/PT/DEFAULT/ CLASSIFIEDS CLASSIFIEDS HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/CLASSIFIEDS/IT/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/CLASSIFIEDS/PT/DEFAULT/ BUSINESS HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-BUSINESS/ES/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-BUSINESS/FR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-BUSINESS/PT/DEFAULT/ BUDY PRESS COMMUNITY HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-COMMUNITY/FR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BP-COMMUNITY/ES/DEFAULT/ BUSINESS PORTFOLIO HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BUSINESS-PORTFOLIO/FR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BUSINESS-PORTFOLIO/PT/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BUSINESS-PORTFOLIO/PT-BR/DEFAULT/ HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BUSINESS-PORTFOLIO/ES/DEFAULT/ GROUP CALENDAR – HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/GROUPCALENDAR/PT/DEFAULT/ MEMBERSHIPS - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/ MEMBERSHIPS+ PORTFOLIO - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/BUSINESS-PORTFOLIO/FR/DEFAULT/ UPFRONT BUILDER - HTTPS://PREMIUM.WPMUDEV.ORG/TRANSLATE/PROJECTS/UPFRONT_THX/IT/DEFAULT/ OTHERS ACCORDING TO MEMBER'S NEEDS AND REQUESTS TO WPMU DEV SUPPORT. THE AIM OF ALL THIS IS TO BRING THIS DOCUMENTATION, THESE SEGMENTS, TO A 100 % COMPLETION/READABILITY, WITHOUT ANY REVISION TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT AT FIRST. (PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WORK THAT I'VE DONE AND THAT I CONSIDER TO BE AT A SATISFACTORY LEVEL. PROFESSIONAL REVISIONS BY OTHER WPMU DEV MEMBERS, FEEDBACK, QUERIES, REQUESTS, QUESTIONS, COMMENTS ETC, ARE WELCOME.) Cheers Manuel I Enjoy Learning and Teaching, Building and constructing things with my hands and my mind. One could't do without the other. I love Relaxing outdoors, go down the beach, and go travel the world; always happy to come''home'' and go home camping around Australia.

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