10 YouTube Video Plugins You Didn’t Realize You Needed

10 YouTube Video Plugins You Didn’t Realize You Needed

When people go looking for YouTube WordPress plugins, the truth is that most will either be looking for a player or a gallery plugin.

But there are a number of other interesting YouTube plugins out there that you may want as well.

In this post, we’re going to look at 10 of them. They will let you do everything from get your videos’ analytics in your dashboard to white labelling YouTube out of picture.

  • 1. YouTube Analytics

    This plugin lets you pull in stats from your YouTube account and view them right in your WordPress backend. You can see how many times a video was viewed, the number of minutes watched, the average time spend on a video, the number of likes and dislikes for the video, and the number of comments. It also comes with two themes.

  • 2. Video Thumbnails

    This plugin finds the first video embedded in a post and gets a thumbnail for it. It will also make that thumbnail a featured image automatically. The thumbnails get put into your media library for easy access in case you need them for something else.

    This plugin works with YouTube, but also a host of other sites such as Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Justin.tv, and lots more.

  • 3. WP Video SEO

    WP Video SEO plugin lets you generate a sitemap for your videos, including YouTube videos. It also presents search engines with a thumbnail of the video. How well this will actually work for video embedded from YouTube is hard to say, and only time will tell how it would work in your particular niche. Still, it seems something worth trying out.

  • 4. WP Video Lightbox

    The WP Video Lightbox plugin lets you put your YouTube videos in a lightbox overlay. It comes with a number of different controls, including showing a title, resizing, horizontal padding for the lightbox, autoplay control, showing an overlay gallery, and more.

  • 5. YouTube Subscribe Button

    The YouTube Subscribe Button plugin lets visitors subscribe to your YouTube channel right from your site. Simple, but also potentially very powerful if you’re a big YouTube creator.

  • 6. YouTube Widget Responsive

    The YouTube Widget Responsive plugin lets you embed a responsive YouTube video in your sidebar. It comes with lots of options: choose start and stop times, control subtitles, hide progress bar, choose theme and color of progress bar, enable or disable controls, hide YouTube logo, and more.

  • 7. YouTube White Label Shortcode

    The YouTube White Label Shortcode plugin lets you take control over what shows on YouTube videos embedded on your site. You can control whether the YouTube logo shows, whether the controls show, the height and width of the video, autoplay, high definition, whether related videos show or not, closed captions, borders, autosizing, and more.

  • 8. YouTube Upload Widget

    The YouTube Upload Widget puts a new option in your visual editor that lets you both upload videos to your YouTube account from your WordPress backend and also browse YouTube videos in WordPress, and then easily insert them into a post.

  • 9. WP YouTube Lyte

    The WP YouTube Lyte plugin lets you lazy load your embedded YouTube videos with an aim towards speeding up your page load speed. To your visitors, everything will look the same, but behind the scenes the Flash or HTML5-player will only actually be called when the video is clicked on.

  • 10. Hide YouTube Related Videos

    The Hide YouTube Related Videos does what you might think – it hides related videos from showing when the video is done. In their place, it gives the viewer three options: to replay the video, to like the video, or to share the video.