10 YouTube Video Plugins You Didn’t Realize You Needed

10 YouTube Video Plugins You Didn’t Realize You Needed

When people go looking for YouTube WordPress plugins, the truth is that most will either be looking for a player or a gallery plugin.

But there are a number of other interesting YouTube plugins out there that you may want as well.

In this post, we’re going to look at 10 of them. They will let you do everything from getting your videos’ analytics in your dashboard to white labeling YouTube. All of them are up-to-date, highly rated, and popular.

These plugins include:

Be sure to click on the links for detailed information on each plugin, and for current pricing (although most of these are free).

WP Video Lightbox

wp video lightbox header

The WP Video Lightbox plugin lets you put your YouTube videos in a lightbox overlay. It comes with a number of different controls, including showing a title, resizing, horizontal padding for the lightbox, autoplay control, showing an overlay gallery, and more.

Widget Responsive for YouTube

widget responsive for YouTube header

The Widget Responsive for YouTube plugin lets you embed a responsive YouTube video in your sidebar. It comes with lots of options: choose the start and stop times, control subtitles, hide progress bar, choose theme and color of the progress bar, enable or disable controls, hide YouTube logo, and more.

WordPress YouTube Lyte

wp youtube lyte header

The WP YouTube Lyte plugin lets you lazy load your embedded YouTube videos with an aim toward speeding up your page load speed. To your visitors, everything will look the same, but behind the scenes, the Flash or HTML5-player will only actually be called when the video is clicked on.

Embed Plugin for YouTube

Embed Plus header.

The Embed Plugin Plugin for YouTube allows you to embed and customize a YouTube gallery, YouTube live stream, YouTube short, or a standard YouTube video. You can create playlists and produce gallery layout options.

Video Gallery

Video gallery header.

The Video Gallery plugin lets you show clear videos on your WordPress site on any device. It has gallery options, a lightbox effect, and you can add video descriptions and more to your YouTube content.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery header.

With the Envira plugin, you can quickly set up YouTube video galleries on your WordPress site — quickly and easily. It has a drag-and-drop builder, numerous templates, album options, and more.

Feeds for YouTube

Feeds for YouTube header.

The Feeds for YouTube will give you a customizable YouTube channel feed for your WordPress site. It’s highly customizable, offers multiple layouts, and much more. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use.

Ultimate Video Player

Ultimate Video Player header.

The Ultimate Video Player is a premium plugin that can go as far as adding pop-up ads to your YouTube videos on your website. It has WooCommerce support, and is 100% responsive.

Your Channel

YourChannel header.

With the YourChannel plugin, you can turn your WordPress site into an engaging video platform. It will display all uploaded videos, playlists, single videos, and more.

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator header.

WP RSS Aggregator plugin is one of the most popular RSS feeds. This includes YouTube feeds, so your site can fetch new content automatically.

And That’s a Wrap

Hopefully one of these ten YouTube options will work well for your WordPress sites. They’re all highly ranked, up to date, and sure to fit the bill for your specific needs.

What's your favorite YouTube plugin? Let us know in the comments!

Hassan Akhtar

Hassan Akhtar Hassan Akhtar is the lead dev for Smush and HummingBird. In his free time he enjoys writing about his development adventures at WPGurus.net.