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White Label WPMU DEV with The Hub Client

Provide your clients with a completely white label WPMU DEV experience on your own domain.

Includes everything WPMU DEV offers for you to rebrand and resell, with your own hosting or with ours.

Forget cPanel, The Hub Client just supercharged your WordPress web development business.

  • Completely white label The Hub
  • Run entirely on your own site
  • Bill and manage clients
  • Control all user access levels
  • Included in your WPMU DEV membership
  • Really easy to set up, just install the plugin

The Hub Client Features

Manage your clients at your own site with your own branding. Sell and charge subscriptions for automated updates, performance optimization, security, SEO, backups, analytics, uptime monitoring, weekly reports and hosting.

gfx 1 White Label The Hub Completely customize The Hub with your own logo alongside brand colors and menu items. Also creates a custom login page.
bill manage clients Bill & Manage Your Clients Streamline your client billing and management workflow with a full payment system for your business. Learn more.
gfx 2 Run At Your Own Domain The Hub Client runs on any page you select or create on your own domain.
gfx 3 Customize Client Roles Set multiple view and edit accesses to every aspect of The Hub to control what your clients can see and change.
gfx 4 Use Any Host (Or Us) Any site you have connected to WPMU DEV can be displayed in The Hub Client so you can use any host that you like.
gfx 5 Sell Our Services Restrict and grant access to any tab in The Hub Client, allowing you to sell your clients different levels of subscription.
gfx 6 No Extra Charge The Hub Client is included in your WPMU DEV membership, so we won’t charge you anything extra to use it.
live chat support Live Chat Support Provide on-the-spot support directly from your Hub site with HubSpot, LiveChat or live chat widget integration.
multiple reseller brands Multiple Reseller Brands Create, brand, and customize multiple Hub Client site installs - all from one WPMU DEV account.

Coming Soon - Full WordPress
SaaS Automation

Soon, your clients will be able to automatically create and connect their own sites.

You’ll be able to offer different hosting and feature plans, set the initial charge and subscription level you like and let your clients purchase a plan.

The site will then be created either from scratch, using a template or a clone of your choice, and your clients will be able to manage them in your white label Hub.

Welcome to your new WordPress SaaS business!

Take the next step for your WordPress web development business.

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